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Enter the amount that you would like to pay for a 30 minute Coaching Session into the PayPal window below.  

Please pay whatever feels right to you (Jack is happily offering these sessions as pay-what-you-want gifts and normally charges $100 for a single session).

In your session, Jack will help you to create a focused action plan around either nutrition or exercise/movement so that you can meet your goals while also meeting your needs through self-care.

After your payment is processed, Jack will contact you to schedule your session.


Hi, I'm Jack!

I've been working with hundreds of folks to improve their nutrition, fitness and self-care since 2009!  

I know when you create the right habits in your life that you can access the things you want, feel good and have a huge positive impact on the world around you -- you just need a supportive environment and a coach who will share the tools you need to put it all into place!

I'm excited to offer these pay-what-you-want sessions as a thank you gift for being a part of my community and I can't wait to help you start taking action to improve your well-being and your life!

If you're interested in learning more about my coaching offerings, click HERE.