Here is the latest installment of Natalie’s guest blog describing her experiences while attending my workshop, One Brick: A Strategic Approach to Sustainable Weight Loss


Yep, change is hard and this last couple of weeks I feel like I’ve been camping out on the struggle bus. If you’ve read my other guest blog posts, you know where we’ve been in this workshop. You’ll also recall that a couple of weeks ago, I wanted nothing more than to push the pause button and ruminate on the habits we were taught for at least a couple more weeks.

I want that pause button. I understand the principles Jack is teaching, I understand how these habits will change my life, and I even understand the plans he is happy to help us make. Jack will do anything to help us find success, but I’m not sure if I will.

To begin the class, we have to sign a commitment. The main commitment being that we will show up, and show up, and keep showing up. Now that we’re a little more than half way through this endeavor I fully understand that commitment. I don’t want to show up anymore. In my life, the majority of things I’ve tried, I’ve given up after a month. One month of paleo eating, one month or daily yoga, one month of working out regularly – you get the picture. So the real challenge for me right now is to continue to say yes to showing up, and fully embrace this long-term lifestyle change.

So while my attitude may be a little rough, and I may not feel like I’ve been the most successful at the habits we’ve been asked to instill in our lives, I will live up to my commitment. I will keep showing up, and I will keep trying.

In Jack’s words, change is often uncomfortable. So bring on the discomfort. I’m ready to keep embracing it and keep trying to put my health first.

Outside of my early onset grumpiness, people are telling me that I look great, and I do feel good about the power of setting down the fork when I’m full (instead of finishing a meal because it’s there).

Elias Gross