I’m still reflecting on all the excellent questions I received a few weeks ago here on the blog and on Facebook.  I also recently gave all of my clients a survey to fill out and two of the questions I asked them had to do with what limiting factors they felt they had in the pursuit of their goals and what resources or services they would like from me in order to overcome those challenges.

Between both of those sources and through the conversations that asking these questions inspired, I could divide the respondent’s needs into two categories:  Fitness and nutrition.  But what unites those two categories is the experience that they people asking the questions are having; the experience of feeling like a beginner, lost, confused, overwhelmed, not sure where to start, or what to tackle first.

This was not a surprise to me.  Much of my work entails guiding people as they take the first, shaky steps on their journey into improved health.  At first there is nervousness, uncertainty, fear.  My favorite part is watching when they become able to shift toward confidence, courage and excitement.  When the thing that terrified them becomes the thing that is empowering them.  It’s always a tremendous honor to watch this process.

I’m deeply curious about what motivates people to take their initial leap into the unknown, in regards to fitness, health and nutrition, despite that uncertainty or fear.  Even more so, I spend a lot of time trying to unravel the tiny, intermittent steps that people take that allow them to take larger leaps with less fear involved.  There is plenty to be excited about when getting healthier and stronger, but is feeling like you’re about to jump off a cliff really healthy or desirable?  Is there a way to step into the unknown with a measure of grace?

A body that we are comfortable in, that moves well, is strong and that is truly one of our greatest assets in contributing to the world around us is our birthright.  Getting as many people as possible closer to embracing that birthright is my goal; so finding ways to make starting on that journey easier is a huge part of my work.

In order to better address the two types of questions I received I am designing two workshops.  One will be focused on nutrition and the other on fitness.  The first workshop will be action-centered and explore, in a step-by-step process, ways to build sustainable nutrition habits for fat loss and general health.  The second will be practical and hands-on, for those new to fitness who want to design their own workouts; this workshop will be a jumping off point for those who can’t afford a personal trainer or want to work on their own.

I’ll be offering a sustainable nutrition workshop this September, and while I know the basics of nutrition, strategizing, planning and mindset that I can teach that will help attendees meet their goals I want to make this a truly awesome experience.  And to make this workshop truly awesomewhat I most need to know are the very specific issues that you struggle with, everyday.  What are the things that you need the most help with?  What are your biggest questions about nutrition?  What do you find overwhelming, confusing, frustrating?

I’m also curious to hear your response to these questions:  Do you feel like you know what you need to do to be healthy and take good care of your body, but you don’t know how to start?  If so, what are the three biggest obstacles to you doing what you need to do today?

All the knowledge and strategies in the world pale in comparison to the conquering of just one limiting factor that is keeping your from actually starting your journey.  Please help me help you and others like you who are ready to start, who are dying to start, but maybe don’t know where or how, or if you do know, are being held back by something.  Let me know your questions and needs in the comments below!

Elias Gross