The Missing Step to Loving Yourself and Positive Changes

Working towards getting physically stronger can be an uplifting and empowering experience.  The very process of pushing yourself to do more and be more expands your world and sets the stage for an amazing life.



I know this and that’s why I spend so much time and energy talking about the positive changes that come from the pursuit of strength.



I also know that there are other things that can change when we pursuit strength, appearance changes, and that often those changes are the ones that we get into this pursuit hoping for in the first place. Look, if you want to pursue appearance-based goals that is 100% your right and I totally support you. I also support your strength goals, and I support you if the two are intertwined.



However, I never want anyone to think that they have to change, in any way, in order to be loveable or worthy.  Because that is simply false. You are #alreadyawesome and #justright, exactly as you are, today.



I also know that you might not know how truly incredible you already are and that any attempts you make to create positive changes will be less effective without that knowledge.  Worse, you won’t be able to enjoy your goal when you finally reach it, you won’t even see it unless you first see yourself for how truly powerful, strong and beautiful you are now and always will be.



How do you get to that place, the place of loving who you are while you also push yourself to be more?  Through love, baby!



And you learn to love yourself by treating yourself as if you already love yourself!  Taking care of yourself is the magic key to unlocking all your self-love.  If you want a body that you love then treat your body as if you already love it:  take good care of it, give it exercise and delicious and nutritious foods, speak kindly to it and give it praise and appreciation, give it rest and fun, take it outside into nature and let it experience the world!



Taking concrete actions of self-care translate into a shifting mindset that begins to center on self-love.  We only take care of the things we care about, and our minds know this!  By investing in yourself you can actually grow your self-esteem.  And when you improve and increase your self-esteem you treat yourself well -- it’s a positive feedback loop.



When we love ourselves, we invest in ourselves.  We spend more time exercising instead of exhausted on the couch surfing our phones.  We take the time to get the rest our bodies can’t function without. We choose foods that make us feel good, both in our experience of eating and the effect that eating has on our well-being.  We form and keep good boundaries, we ask for what we need and don’t allow ourselves to be overextended. We show up fully in our lives and engage in the things we love, we become vital parts of our communities.



Think of this as an avalanche, but of the most positive, powerful kind.  First we treat ourselves (all parts of ourselves: body, mind, heart and spirit) as if we are already amazing and worthy of love (because we are, even if we can’t see it yet).  This in turn actually changes our self-perception:  we come to love our bodies, love our ways of being and doing, love our lives.  Now, strengthened and empowered by this self-love, we make the very best choices for ourselves.  And here, at the end of this process, we begin to make the changes that we originally sought, that we thought we couldn’t be loved without making first.



Loving yourself is the most important step in making positive change.



Caring for yourself as if you already love yourself is the first step.  It is the first, and most powerful shift that causes this avalanche, this unstoppable force, that will change your life forever.

*     *     *

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Jack Taylor