one-on-one coaching

Long term sustainable change does not start with self-hate, it starts with self-acceptance and compassion. Nutrition, fitness and wellness coaching done through the lenses of self-care and self-love has the power to transform your life, as well as your body.  


Hi, I'm Jack!  I remember what it was like to struggle with my weight, body issues and the physical pain of an unhealthy lifestyle.  I was confused, I didn't know how to eat or exercise in a healthy way.  I would either overly restrict food, obsessed with rules and "good" and "bad" foods, or I would exist on just sugar, alcohol and caffeine.  The workouts that I chose were punishing, as if I was trying to beat my body into submission.  I hated my body, I hated my life and I had no idea how to change anything!

It wasn't until I started engaging with acts of self-care that I was able to develop a healthy relationship to myself and my body.  When I shifted how I saw myself by changing how I treated myself I was finally able to make progress with physical changes and actually enjoy the process.  What was once confusing and frustrating became an adventure!  Today I know how to eat in a way that serves my goals and fits in my life, I am strong and exercise in ways that build me up and I am able to fully inhabit both my body and my life.  

Now I use both the wisdom of my experience as well as my education as a personal trainer and nutrition coach to help clients craft healthy lifestyles that fit their goals, whether that's fat loss, becoming stronger and more muscular or just a more vibrant and full life.  I will help you to transfer the skills you already have, as well as how to build new ones and teach you how to approach nutrition, fitness and self-care in easy to understand ways that fit your life.  And we'll do all this in a way that encourages you to grow as a person, letting go of old, worn-out stories and creating a powerful love for yourself, your body and your life.


I currently have a waitlist for new coaching clients, if you would like to be on it please click below to fill out a short coaching application.  If I believe that we will be a good fit and that I will be able to help you with your goals I will reach out to start the conversation!