one-on-one coaching

Long term, sustainable change does not start with self-hate -- it starts with       self-acceptance and compassion.

Nutrition, fitness and self-care coaching that blends my guidance and experience with your internal wisdom to find what works for you

This has the power to transform your life, redefine your relationship with your body and reconnect you to yourself.  


Hi, I'm Jack!  

I remember what it was like to struggle with my weight, body issues and the physical pain of an unhealthy lifestyle.  I didn't know how to eat or exercise in a healthy way.  I would either overly restrict food, obsessed with rules of "good" and "bad" foods, or I would exist on just sugar, alcohol and caffeine.  The workouts that I chose were punishing, as if I was trying to beat my body into submission.  It was a constant battle between control and confusion.

I hated my body, I hated my life and I had no idea how to change!

It wasn't until I started engaging in acts of self-care that I was able to develop a healthy relationship to my body, myself and my life.

When I shifted how I saw myself, by changing how I treated myself, I was finally able to make progress and actually enjoy the process.  What was once confusing and frustrating became an adventure!  

Today, I eat to enhance my training and my enjoyment. I use exercise to build strength and to fully inhabit my body. I practice self-care to express self-love and to create the energy I need to live a powerful life!


As a coach, I use both the wisdom of my experience as well as my education in personal training and nutrition to help clients craft healthy lifestyles that fit their goals while empowering them to embrace their inherent worth and power.

I will teach you to transfer the skills you already have, and how to build new ones, as I show you an accessible approach to nutrition, fitness and self-care that fits your life.  

And we'll do all this in a way that encourages you to grow as a person, letting go of old, worn-out stories and building love for your body, yourself and your life.


Right now I have only a few spots open for qualified coaching clients.

I prioritize working with clients who match well with me as a coach (because I know the better we work together, the better results you'll see!). To find out if you qualify, please click the button below:

If I think that we could be a good fit, I'll reach out within 48 hours to start the conversation!

I most often help clients with:

  • Improving self-image and building self-confidence through competency around food, fitness and basic acts of self-care.

  • Learning skills of awareness and action-taking so that you begin to truly own your life and your power to change

  • Creating a healthy and loving relationship with your body so that results are sustainable

  • Developing tools like time management, prioritizing of values and creative problem solving so you will both reach and maintain your goals.

  • Balancing nutrition and exercise education with empowering you to be the lead in how we approach food and fitness.

  • Improving quality of life by addressing the lifestyle factors that fad diets and cookie-cutter exercise plans don't ever mention.