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You’re confused because you know you want to get stronger, but “information overwhelm” is getting in the way.


You’re tired of trying the latest trendy workouts that leave you exhausted and sore, you just want to be able to find a way to workout that feels good, energizes and inspires you.


You know you want to make a change but low motivation or a fear of injury keep you from making progress.


After 9 years in the fitness industry and helping 1000s of people find ways to make exercise a part of their daily lives, this is something I hear all the time.  It breaks my heart that most folks blame themselves or think they’re a failure for not being able to stick to an unrealistic routine.


Because I believe it’s my responsibility to make exercise accessible, I created #makemuscleshappen, the beginner’s strength training program and consistency guide!


My program is the best way to start off with exercise because it’s simple, shows you exactly how to do everything, requires minimal space and equipment and, most importantly, teaches you the skills you need to be consistent with your efforts:  you’ll learn how to get started and stick with it long term. (Because a workout is only effective if you do it, right?)

Over 40 exercise videos will show you exactly what to do!


The included consistency guide will set you up for success!

Workouts are clearly laid out for you, with direct links to all videos!

What is #makemuscleshappen?

It’s both a workout program and an educational resource!


  • You’ll get over 3 months of workouts that tell you exactly which exercises to do, all the details laid out, so you can avoid overwhelm and get to it!

  • 40 how-to videos that show proper form and teach you, from the beginning, how to move confidently like a pro!

  • Over 30 pages dedicated to everything a beginner needs to know, so you can make this a sustainable habit you can do forever!

  • Lots of troubleshooting so that nothing will hold you back from doing your workouts

  • A consistency calendar to help you stay on-track and see your progress over time, so you can stick with it and get results!

  • Bonus workouts for when you are ready to power-up your workouts and get even stronger!

  • And an opportunity to complete the #makemuscleshappen challenge which will get you a discount on online training with me!

  • All in all, 45 pages packed with resources, expert how-to's, tips and strategies and, of course, the workouts that will get you on the road to strength and help you stay the course!


Most people make the mistake of thinking that they have to kill themselves for hours at the gym.  

They think that exercise has to be punishment, or that it isn’t “worth it!” But we know that’s no way to make exercise a habit you can do forever!  

We know that exercise can be more, and help you do more!  We know that if exercise is easy to fit into our lives and rewards our efforts that we will be encouraged to do it more often.


#makemuscleshappen gives you a way to start that’s easy, allowing you to build up your strength over time, which is how your body was designed to work.  

As you get stronger and more confident, naturally, you’ll start to love the process -- this creates its own motivation, and pushes you to do more as you’re able to.  This program works with your body, it builds you up instead of breaking you down!

Other programs are just a list of exercises that leave it up to you to figure it out.  

#makemuscleshappen has got you covered: you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it as I guide you through the entire process of not just working out, but of fitting exercise into your life in a way that works for you.

I’m so excited to announce this re-release of #makemuscleshappen!  I know this program is one-of-a-kind and has the potential to change the way you move and the way you live!


I’m only making this program available for a short time.

*     *     *

You have until sunday july 8th at midnight to purchase it for this special re-release price of only $47! 

I want you to act on this and start right away so that you can begin seeing results as fast as possible.

Who is #makemuscleshappen for?

  • someone who is sick of always trying “the next big thing,” feeling confused or getting hurt by programs that aren’t really made for beginners

  • someone who wants to make exercise a part of their life in a healthy, sustainable way

  • beginners specifically, but also intermediate exercisers or those with more experience who want to re-learn the basics and good form so that they actually get results from strength training and avoid injury

  • someone who is ready to invest in improving the way they move and feel and is ready to increase their confidence by getting strong

  • someone who is intimidated by the gym and needs a way to get comfortable with their new routine (or who prefers to workout at home or on the road) -- although you can take this to the gym with you, if you want!


Who is it not for?

  • someone who doesn’t want to exercise, or who won’t use the program -- you’ll be given all the tools you need to succeed, but you still have to commit to putting in the work.

  • someone who is looking for a “quick fix” or how to “lose X pounds in Y days,” this is only for those who want to engage in healthy habits for the rest of their lives!

  • someone who has decided that they can’t change, #makemuscleshappen will change the way you workout, how you approach fitness and how you live your life!


Right now you can get #makemuscleshappen for only $47, but only until midnight on July 8th.  

And then it's gone until i make it a permanent fixture on my site at $97.


Jack’s story:

About 15 years ago I was in pretty bad shape:  I led a sedentary lifestyle, was overweight, ate like crap, was depressed and struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.  

My body hurt. All. The. Time.

I was sick of it, so sick I started throwing myself into any and every type of workout. I tried all sorts of diets, detoxes, cleanses.  I learned a lot by making a lot of mistakes but eventually taught myself how to make healthy behaviors like strength training, daily movement and balanced nutrition into automated habits that I fit into a full and happy life.  Learning how to do this changed my life and it became my mission to share this with as many people as I could: to help others become the strongest and most powerful versions of themselves so that they could have a positive impact on the world around them!


I’ve been helping people create stronger relationships to their bodies through self-care, fitness and nutrition since 2009.  

#makemuscleshappen is my latest project, and my most exciting, because it addresses the real need beginners have to earn wins with exercise so that they can build their confidence and be encouraged to do more, and be more!

Here’s what folks have been saying about #makemuscleshappen:


here's what people have to say about working with jack:

“For the first time in my life, I’ve stopped attaching my self worth to the number on the scale.”

--online training client

“Jack breaks every complex idea or question down to understandable tidbits.  He will give you the tools you need to establish daily habits that will help you live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle… I loved it."  

--Steven Reed, Certified Personal Trainer


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  How is the program delivered?  What's included?

A.  #makemuscleshappen is an entirely digital product.  Once you make payment you'll receive an email with the program attached as a PDF document.  (To make sure that you receive this email you'll need to "whitelist" my email address:  hello(at), or add it to your address book.)  From there you can download it to any computer or device you like to use; within the program are links to instructional videos (40 in all), so you know exactly how to do everything.  The bulk of the document is the consistency guide (including your accountability calendar so you can stay on-track with your workouts and meet your goals) and exercise guide which will go over all the ins and outs of the program, just like having me with you as your personal trainer.  Finally, you'll see the program -- there's three months of workouts (and options to expand this to fit your fitness level), with plenty of options to fit a full range of abilities.  

Q.  Who is this program most appropriate for?

A.  This program was designed for beginners in mind, but not just folks who are new to exercise as an activity, folks who are also new to living with healthy habits!  The internet is full of more free fitness information than you could ever use!  So I created something unique:  a product that finally teaches you what you really need to know:  how to execute a consistent exercise habit so you can actually get results (no program works if you don't do it!).  You'll learn skills like prioritization, time management, resiliency and creative problem solving so that you can fit exercise into your life in a way that serves you, instead of having to try and change everything you do in order to fit a cookie cutter program.

Q.  I'm an intermediate exerciser, can I still get something from this program?

A.  Heck yeah!  You'll have a chance to refine your skills and re-build your movement patterns from the ground up so that you can jump into your next, more hard-core program with a higher level of performance to get increased results.  This program is highly focused on using awareness as a skill in training, as an intermediate lifter you can use this as an entry point to finer mind-muscle connection which has one of the greatest impacts of muscle building.  Additionally, this program always includes lots of exercise options, so you can tailor it to your ability and since it's designed to be used with resistance bands you can easily increase the challenge (in fact, I included some bonus workouts with intermediate folks in mind!)

Q.  I'm busy, I don't have time to go to the gym -- even if I wanted to pay for a membership -- will #makemuscleshappen work with my busy life?

A.  The answer is yes, if you want it to!  This program was designed to be done in minimal time, minimal space and minimal equipment.  I know that most beginners prefer to work out at home, where they're comfortable.  This can be a tool to build consistency, which is the only thing that makes a program actually work.  All you'll need is about 30 minutes 2-4 times a week (you decide how often you want to use the program), enough floor space to lie down, some resistance bands, a step (you can use your stairs or a low stool) and one weight (either a dumbbell, kettlebell or even a bag filled with books) -- that's it!  But of course, you have to commit yourself to doing the program.  If you're ready to make a change and build the healthy habit of exercise the consistency guide will teach you everything you need in order to put this into place!

Q.  I've never done this before, and I'm nervous about screwing up, or worse, getting hurt!

A.  I totally understand!  There's nothing worse than an injury that sidelines you and keeps you from training when you really want to!  I've included 40 special how-to videos I made that show you right and wrong form so you can know what to do right from the start, and review your form anytime you're unsure!  The exercise guide also explains in detail how to approach the exercises and important concepts that aren't covered in other programs, like how to use your core, the mind-muscle connection and how to set yourself up properly.

Q.  How long is the program available for?

A.  This special re-release is only available until Sunday July 8th at midnight!  You'll be able to purchase the program for only $47 (that's a $50 discount!) until then.  After that, I'll take it offline for several months before making it a permanent program on my website, and the price will go up to $97.  Once you purchase the program, it will be delivered to you via email and it's yours, forever, to use however and how often you like!

(Note:  This is an entirely digital product and will be delivered via email as a PDF document.)

30 day money-back guarantee:

If you purchase this program and use it for 30 days and don't feel that you've gotten stronger, improved the way that you move or learned new skills that allow you to create more consistency around the healthy habit of exercise I will gladly refund your purchase price!