individual personal training

Jack X Taylor has been my trainer since February 2015. I was having shoulder problems and posture problems along with some chronic headaches and pain. I saw on FB that a friend of mine was working with Jack on her posture, and I knew then that I wanted to work with him. My shoulder was fixed pretty quickly, my posture is on the mend, and my chronic pain issues are lessened enough that I can exercise more regularly. Jack’s personality and professionalism keep me coming back and inspire me to work at home. I know I’m in better health than I would be without his guidance and support. And he laughs at my stupid jokes, which is always a plus. - Susie Bell, Midway, KY
  • $50 per one hour session
  • Personalized strength training sessions with a focus on teaching safe and proper form
  • Suitable for beginning exercisers or those recovering from injury as well as more experienced trainees
  • Choose from 1-4 sessions per week